Self Help Initiative Promotion Centre (SHIP) Nepal is a local non-government organization (NGO) registered in Humla district administrative office in March 2008. It aims to food security and livelihoods of farming communities through the promotion of biodiversity-based ecological farming and building skills and capacity of farming families. USC Canada is a non-profit making and non-government organization established in Canada by Dr Lotta Hitschmanova in 1945. Currently, it is working in ten countries in North and South America, Africa and Asia.

In Nepal, USC Canada started working in 1977 and implemented community development programs in a number of districts. In Humla district, USC Canada

Nepal worked from 1990 to 2007 implementing a program called Self Help Initiative Promotion Project (SHIP-P) in 8 VDCs(Thehe, Bargaun, Simikot, Dandaphaya, Hepka, Khagalgaun, Syanda and Chhipra). At the end of the 2007, the program became independent with the establishment of SHIP Nepal.

Our Vision

“Poverty reduction through economic development and social justice.”

Our Mission

“Strengthen and empower the local people using local means and resources to initiate self development and self sufficiency for right, resilience and relief in development work.”

Our Goals

“Support to Build Food and Livelihood Security in Small – holder Farming Communities to reducing poverty.”